We offer private pet dog training and behavior modification, puppy training and socialization, a range of dog training classes, dog and puppy playgroups, dog sports, pet first aid training, and therapy dog classes.

Does Your Dog…

  • Play too rough?
  • Jump up on guests or knock over your kids?
  • Pull you down the street?
  • Bark at other people or dogs while on leash?
  • Growl when you take his toys?
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Does Your Puppy…

  • Need House Training?
  • Chew on everything including your hands?
  • Cry when left alone?
  • Shy away from hands or strangers?
  • Refuse to listen?
  • Or just need good puppy manners?
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K9 Nose Work - Morgan and Brom I took your nosework class last summer and went on to do the ort for my cattledog Brom. Just wanted to share that this past Saturday he passed his NW1 trial and we’ll be starting our journey to NW2! Morgan and Brom

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