We offer private pet dog training and behavior modification, puppy training and socialization, a range of dog training classes, dog and puppy playgroups, dog sports, pet first aid training, and therapy dog classes.

Does Your Dog…

  • Play too rough?
  • Jump up on guests or knock over your kids?
  • Pull you down the street?
  • Bark at other people or dogs while on leash?
  • Growl when you take his toys?
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Does Your Puppy…

  • Need House Training?
  • Chew on everything including your hands?
  • Cry when left alone?
  • Shy away from hands or strangers?
  • Refuse to listen?
  • Or just need good puppy manners?
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Gibby, Puppy Kindergarten Love Courteous Canine.  The “school” and trainers are GREAT!  The training it is taught in a way that my puppy, Gibby, loved going.  She got to play, learn and play again!  The playtime with the other puppies is so very well supervised I was not nervous at all let Gibby play off leash.  They are very CARING there and you feel the love they have for all the dogs!

– Lori and Gibby, Puppy Kindergarten

We can help! Get a calm, safe, well-behaved dog or puppy.

We do it all, from basic good manners to serious behavior problems, from puppy training to service dog training.


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